is a showcase for a random collection of early radio and TV items. We also have some modern surplus components for sale. The vintage exhibits are not for sale.

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Modern Surplus

spark tx Spark Transmitter & Receiver

This collection includes a spark coil, crystal detector, coils and a Leyden Jar More pictures etc.
1920s Transmitter 1920s Amateur Transmitter

This collection of parts is the remains of a 1920s amateur stationMore pictures etc.
Italian Navy Coherer Replica Italian Navy Coherer
This is a replica of the "self -restoring coherer" as used by Marconi in his 1901 transatlantic tests. It operates as a semiconductor diode as shown by the V/I plots. Here is a Google search for some more information. curves
Victoria This Victoria Crystal Set seems to be quite rare since I have been unable to find any other examples. Unfortunately, the detector is missing. Its GPO registration number is 260 which is included in the BVWS listing. More Pictures.
Pye_PE41 Pye PE41 is a 1951 export version of the type 39J/H domestic receiver. This was one of a pair brought back to the UK from Kenya. Although it basically worked it improved dramatically after all the critical capacitors had been changed.

The 39J/H's long wave and trawler bands are replaced by short wave bands on this model. More information and pictures
The Philips 1963-4 catalogue split into sections for TV, Radio, Audio and the rest. Click on pictures for .pdf files (all >1.2Mb). The trade price list is here (186kb .pdf)
Philips_TV_1963_1916U Philips_Radio_1963_6x12a
Philips_Audio_1963_AG4000 Philips_Tape_1963_el3534
RF Constructional Articles
First Published in 1980s in Radio & Electronics World Magazine
Amateur radio related articles including:
2m (144MHz) FM Receiver, 28-70MHz Pre-amplifiers etc
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