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Semiconductors Including Agilent / HP / Avago, Fujitsu / Eudyna, Nat. Semi. etc.
RF Connectors & Switches Including Agilent relays, Suhner connectors, Midwest Microwave couplers, Weinschel & Midwest Attenuators, Florida RF Labs and EMC terminations etc

Vicor HAM 07818 16 C1 S4   Make
Vicor VI-RAM-E2 22 C1 S4   an
Vicor VI-BAMD-CM 3 C1 S4   offer
Vicor VI-HAMD-CM 2 C1 S4   for
Vicor VI-211-CV 1 C1 S4   the
Vicor VI-B61-EU 13 C1 S4   whole
Vicor VI-261- 7 C1 S4   lot
Vicor VI-HAM-EM 11 C1 S4   of
RS 330uF 450V   C1 S4 RS 118-454 Vicor
Traco TEN 10-1221 320 C1 S4 9-18V in +/-5V 1A out  
Astec MVP ser MP4-1L-1L-10 4 C1 S3 12V 34A 400W  
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