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Power Supply Parts Including Vicor and Traco
RF Connectors & Switches Including Agilent relays, Suhner connectors, Midwest Microwave couplers, Weinschel & Midwest Attenuators, Florida RF Labs and EMC terminations etc
  Fujitsu are now Eudyna
HP Agilent are now Avago
Manufacturer Part Number Quantity (new) Notes Location
Alpha CLA461-208 3 Limiter diode SB
Ericsson PTF10043 5 12W 2GHz FET SB
Ericsson PTF10137 8   SB
HP Agilent ATF 25735 4   SB
HP Agilent ATF 25170 26   SB
HP Agilent HSMS 282K 400   SB
HP Agilent ATF 10136 55   SB
HP Agilent MSA 0336 2   SB
Mitsubishi MGF4919G 65 HEMT SB
Ericsson PTF10020R3A 4 860-960MHz 125W FET  
Fujitsu FLL101ME 7 +29dBm 2.3G 245
Fujitsu FLC103WG 9 +30dBm 8GHz 244
Fujitsu FLK202MH-14 2 +32dBm 14.5GHz 245
Fujitsu FLM1414-8C 2 +39dBm 14GHz 245
Fujitsu FLL300IP-2 8 +44dBm 245
Fujitsu FLK017WF 7 +21dBm 14GHz 245
Fujitsu FSU01LG 9 +20dBm 2GHz 0.55dB NF 244
Fujitsu FLM7785-12DA 4 +41dBm 8GHz 243
Fujitsu FLK052WG 1 +26dBm 14GHz 243
Fujitsu FLL101ME 2 +29dBm 2.3G 243
Fujitsu FLM3742-12DA 3 +40dBm 4GHz 243
Fujitsu FLM5359-4C 2 +36dBm 5.6GHz 243
Fujitsu FLX107MH-12 4 +29dBm 12GHz 243
Fujitsu FLU10XM 10 +29.5dBm L band 244
Fujitsu FLU17XM 10 +32.5dBm L band 244
NEC NE800199
17 +26dBm 8.4GHz (2-8GHz)  
NEC NE900175
32 +22dBm 8-14.5GHz  
NEC NEZ7177-8B 2 +40dBm 7.4GHz  
NEC NEZ7784-8B 2 +39dBm 8GHz  
NEC NEZ7784-4BD 2 +36dBm 8GHz  
Analog Devices AD8054AR 10 SO14  
IR RFP30P05 121 Farnell 273-843  
Microchip PIC16C63 10 DIL  
National Semi LM224 250 SO8 approx qty  
National Semi LM2901D 90 SO8  
On Semi MC78L05ABD 686 SO8 qty not verified  
On Semi MC78L08ABD 681    
TelCom Semiconductor TC660EPA 170 DIL8  
Xicor X24C45SI 339    
  DM74LS14 70 SO14  
  CD74ACT14M 2 SO14  

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